Phazon Pete Is The Main Character Of The Series. He Is Currently 24 Years Old And Lives In The Futuristic City Of City 22. He Is Friends With Faust VII And Olette.


Phazon Pete Was Originally A Slave Along With Mod Spirit Named Takama. He Began Working In The Coal Mill Industry And Worked With Money Until A Currency Was Present. Then A Raise Was Present. Phazon Pete Started To Get $2,000,000 As His Raise. Then He Started Training In The Gillivan Forest With Haku Yowane.

Understatement GoalEdit

Phazon Had A First Fight With An Unknown Organism, It Was Wearing A Red Sweater, The Big Axe Outsmarted The Huge Fetish Monster And Killed It Back To The Underworld Under It's Punish For Judgement. His Under Statment Goal Was To Go See His Parents, But He Can't, He Must Get The Dream And Memory Crystal To Fall Asleep Safely And Get His Dreams Back. At First, It Was Completely White, And Nothing Was Solid, Until Phazon Pete Gathered Furthur Training. He Then Met Some Citizens, None Of Them Knew. The City Official Was The Only One To Help Him. That Was Deuce-X, Master Of Mirage And Mod Spirits. He Had A General Store Named The Deuce-X Gavern. He Also Met His Mod Spirit Friend Takama Again, He Was Assosiated With Deuce-X, He Was Able To Seek Training, And 20 Days From Now, Deuce-X Will Train Him And Understate His Personal Beliefs And Had To Do A Series Of Challenges To See Stuff. He Was Able Get The Alchemy Crystal Which Saw Everything The Naked Eye Can't. But He Will Need Another Crystal. In Order To See His Parents.

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